Last update: January 1, 2022



  • 2017.3 ~ 2021.9
  • Tongji University, Civil Eng.
  • 2019.2 ~ 2021.2
  • University of Toronto, Civil Eng.
    Joint Ph.D.
  • 2014.9 ~ 2017.3
  • Tongji University, Architecture and Civil Eng.
  • 2010.9 ~ 2014.9
  • Tongji University, Civil Eng.


  • 2021.9 ~ now
  • Shanghai Normal University
    Assistant Professor
  • 2015.9 ~ 2016.9
  • Tongji Architectural Design Institute (TJAD)
    Intern - Structural engineer
  • 2011.9 ~ 2014.9
  • Tongji Press
    Intern - Editor on BIM

Research Interest

  • Multi-story prefabricated and high-performance wood-based green building structures
  • Seismic vabriation control and disaster resilience of structures
  • Development of wind turbine infrustructures
  • BIM and intelligent structural design


Journal Papers

Note: * represents corresponding author.
  1. Hanlin Dong, Minjuan He*, Constantin Christopoulos, Zheng Li. Quasi-static tests and parametric simulations of hybrid steel frame and light wood shear walls with frictional dampers. Engineering Structures. 2021, 228, 111485. DOI (SCI Q1)
  2. Hanlin Dong, Minjuan He, Xijun Wang*, Constantin Christopoulos, Zheng Li, Zhan Shu. Development of a uniaxial hysteretic model for dowel-type timber joints in OpenSees. Construction and Building Materials. 2021, 288, 123112. DOI (SCI Q1)
  3. Zheng Li, Hanlin Dong, Xijun Wang, Minjuan He*. Experimental and numerical investigations into seismic performance of timber-steel hybrid structure with supplemental dampers. Engineering Structures. 2017, 151, 33-43. DOI (SCI Q1)
  4. Zheng Li*, Minjuan He, Hanlin Dong, Zhan Shu, Xijun Wang. Friction performance assessment of non-asbestos organic (NAO) composite-to-steel interface and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) composite-to-steel interface: experimental evaluation and application in seismic resistant structures. Construction and Building Materials. 2018, 174, 272-283. DOI (SCI Q1)
  5. Minjuan He, Qi Luo, Zheng Li*, Hanlin Dong, Minghao Li. Seismic performance evaluation of timber-steel hybrid structure through large-scale shaking table tests. Engineering Structures. 2018, 175, 483-500. DOI (SCI Q1)
  6. Zheng Li, Xijun Wang, Minjuan He*, Wenchen Dong, Hanlin Dong. Seismic performance of timber-steel hybrid structures I: subassembly testing and numerical modeling. Journal of Structural Engineering ASCE. 2019, 144(10), 4019113. DOI (SCI Q2)
  7. Zheng Li, Xijun Wang, Minjuan He*, Hanlin Dong. Seismic performance of timber-steel hybrid structures II: calibration of performance objectives and design method. Journal of Structural Engineering ASCE. 2019, 144(10), 4019114. DOI (SCI Q2)
  8. Zhan Shu, Zhaozhuo Gan, Cheng Fang*, Gregory MacRae, Hanlin Dong, Yazhou Xie. Replaceable rotational viscoelastic dampers for improving structural damping and resilience of steel frames. Journal of Earthquake Engineering. 2021, online. DOI (SCI Q1)
  9. Zheng Li, Xijun Wang, Minjuan He, Jiajia Ou, Minghao Li, Qi Luo, Hanlin Dong. Structural Damage Evaluation of Multistory Timber-Steel Hybrid Structures through Shake Table Tests. Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities. 2021, 35(1), 4020139. DOI (SCI Q3)
  10. Zheng Li, Fei Chen, Hanlin Dong, Minjuan He, Minghao, Li. Lateral performance of timber-steel hybrid shear wall with friction dampers under cyclic loading (in Chinese). Journal of Building Structures. 2020, 41(10), 1-10. (EI)
  11. Minjuan He, Qi Luo, Hanlin Dong, Zheng Li, Minghao, Li. Experimental study on seismic performance of steel frame and light-frame timber shear wall hybrid structure through shaking table tests (in Chinese). Journal of Building Structures. 2019, 40(9), 1-9. (EI)
  12. Minjuan He, Hanlin Dong, Zheng Li. State-of-the-art and key research topics of timber spatial structures (in Chinese). Building Structure. 2016, 12, 103-109. (CSCD)
  13. Yongliang Sun, Hanlin Dong, Tonghua Wang. Performance study on new insulating column foot of medium wave tower (in Chinese). Building Structure. 2016, 046(014), 59-63. (CSCD)

Conference Papers

Note: * represents conference presenter.
  1. Hanlin Dong*, Zheng Li, Minjuan He, Qi Luo, Wenchen Dong. Experimental and numerical study on planar timber shear wall-steel frame hybrid structure with slotted-bolted dampers. Proceedings of the 15th World Conference on Timber Engineering, WCTE2018. Seoul, Korea, 2018, Paper No. S230. (2018.8.20 ~ 2018.8.23) (Young scientist award)
  2. Hanlin Dong*, Minjuan He, Constantin Christopoulos, Zheng Li. Parametric studies on the lateral performance of the hybrid steel frame – light wood shear wall structural system with slotted-bolted dampers. Proceedings of the 16th World Conference on Timber Engineering, WCTE2021. Santiago, Chile, 2021, Paper No. 79. (2021.8.9 ~ 2021.8.12) (EI)
  3. Hanlin Dong, Zheng Li*, Qi Luo, Minjuan He. Shake table tests on large-scale hybrid steel frame and timber shear wall system with slotted-bolted friction dampers. Proceedings of the 4th International Network on Timber Engineering Research, INTER2017. Kyoto, Japan, 2017, Paper No. 50-15-1. (2017.8.28 ~ 2017.8.31)
  4. Hanlin Dong, Christopoulos Constantin, Zheng Li, Minjuan He*. Damage-free seismic response of multi-story timber-steel hybrid structures with supplemental dampers. Proceedings of the 16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, WCTE2017. Santiago, Chile, 2017, Paper No. 3428. (2017.1.9 ~ 2017.1.13)
  5. Qi Luo, Hanlin Dong, Zheng Li*, Minjuan He. Seismic performance of timber-steel hybrid structural system via shaking table tests. Proceedings of the 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering. Thessaloniki, Greece, 2018, Paper No. 10713. (2018.6.18 ~ 2018.6.21)
  6. Hanlin Dong*, Qi Luo, Zheng Li, Minjuan He. Seismic performance of hybrid steel-timber structure with dampers: planar frame tests and shake table tests. Proceedings of the 4th Joint Workshop for Building / Civil Engineering between Tokyo Tech & Tongji University. Shanghai, China, 2017. (2017.6.22 ~ 2017.6.24)
  7. Hanlin Dong*. Improving the seismic resilience of hybrid steel frame – light wood shear wall structural system by slotted bolted frictional dampers. 2019 Ph.D. Colloquium on Timber Engineering Research. Vancouver, Canada, 2019. (2019.8.21 ~ 2019.8.22)


  1. Zhan Shu, Hanlin Dong, Minjuan He, Renle Ma. A replaceable and easy-to-restore flexual energy dissipating link device. Invention Patent, Chinese ZL 201710346364.9, issue date 2019.1.25.

Awards and Prizes


  1. 2014 Shanghai outstanding graduate student
  2. 2013 Outstanding student of Tongji University
  3. 2021 Outstanding graduate student of Tongji University

Competition Prizes

  1. 2018 Young Scientist Award WCTE2018
  2. 2016 Chinese National Mathematical Contest in Modeling for Graduate Students, 2nd Prize
  3. 2013 2013 ASCE Mid-Pacific Regional Conference, 2nd place in Transportation Competition
  4. 2012 SAS Competition winner (Awarded by Consulate General of Kingdom of Denmark in Shanghai)


  1. 2012 Excellent student scholarship from Bao Steel
  2. 2014 Chinese National Scholarship for Graduate Students
  3. 2010~2011 Chinese National Scholarship
  4. 2019~2021 Chinese Scholarship Council International Joint Ph.D. Program Scholarship

Social Work

Student Leader

  1. 2015~2016 Vice President of Graduate Student Council of Department of Structural Engineering
  2. 2011~2013 Leader of the Volunteer Team for Education of Children of Disabled People


  1. May 4~8, 2015 The 5th Tongji-UBC Earthquake Symposium, Student Committee member, M.C. of Welcome Banquet
  2. August 21~24, 2017 The 2017 Ph.D. Colloquium on Timber Engineering Research, Student Committee member
  3. June 22~24, 2017 The 4th Tongji - Tokyo Institute of Technology Building / Civil Engineering Workshop, Student committee member