Awesome List 是 Github 上的一个项目,旨在列出精选的开源资源库。对于 OpenSees,也亟须这样一个 List,把网络中可获得的资源统计起来,供用户更方便地使用。因此,我建立了Awesome-OpenSees。这里把其中内容复制过来。如果你认为有用,请在 Github 中为我点亮一颗星。



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Hi, this is a curated list of OpenSees resources. You may find something awesome that gives you a better experience using or developing OpenSees. Learn more on OpenSees official wiki website.

This awesome-list project is inspired by the project awesome. However, as OpenSees itself is rapidly growing, most of the related resources are not so mature. Therefore, the resources listed here may suffer from some limitations, or still under development but inspiring. The author doesn’t take any responsibility for the accuracy of anything listed. You should judge whether to use them by yourself.

Contributing to the list is encouraged. Please read the contribution guidelines before making pull requests. If you have problems on contributing, please click on the PRs Welcome badge above.

If you find the listed resources useful or rubbish, please move to the issues board and vote for them. Each resource listed has an own issue with the lable vote. Please give a :+1: or :-1: to the first comment. Also, don’t forget to star this repository. The authors are grateful to your kind contribution.


Graphical Processor

User-friendly graphical pre- and post-processors for OpenSees.

  • GiD+OpenSees - An OpenSees add-on for GiD, A general graphical pre/post processor. (Windows, MacOS & Linux)
  • Build-X - An Expert Tool for Seismic Analysis and Assessment of 3D Buildings with OpenSees. (Windows only)
  • NextFEM - A user friendly Finite Element Analysis program, which can be used alone or to be a pre- or post- processor for several widely used FEM programs (i.e. OOFEM, SAP2000, Midas GEN, OpenSees, ABAQUS/CalculiX, Zeus-NL, and others). (Windows only)
  • OpenSees Navigator - A stand-alone Matlab interface allowing users to quickly create models, perform analysis, and look at the results. (Windows & MacOS, Matlab Compiler Runtime needed)
  • ETO (Etabs To OpenSees) - A pre- and post-processor which is able to import .s2k file generated by ETABS. (Windows only, in Chinese)

Stand-Alone Editor

Stand-alone editor programs just for OpenSees code.

  • Cypress Editor - A better editor for who does OpenSees code. (Windows only)

Editor Plugin

OpenSees plugins for existing welcomed text editors.


Simple scripts that help visualise OpenSees models or results.


Application Programming Interfaces that call OpenSees.

Procedure and Snippet

Reuseable procedures and snippets. All the files are stored in the tcl directory.

Tutorial and Example

Official and unofficial tutorials and examples in a variety of languages.

Blog and Community

Personal blogs, communities or forums where you can find help.



To the extent possible under law, Hanlin Dong has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to awesome-opensees. This work is published from: Mainland China.